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FireFox - Hey there.

Check this out!

I had paid some :points: to have this made for us Chipmunk and Chipette Fans! A week or so ago..

If you support them then put this on your Profile! :)

The Code needed is in the Description Box for the Button.

Let's support the Chipmunks and Chipettes!
FireFox - It's only Temporary!

It was made for Bases made by others to be used by others.

However, There were too many requests submitting Pictures made USING Bases into the Bases Folder.

When the Folder is unblocked in a few days, PLEASE remember -

Submit any Chipmunk and Chipette Pictures made using Bases into the Chipmunks and Chipettes Folder.

Submit any OC Pictures made with Bases into the OC Folder.

The reason is so If people are looking for Chipmunk Bases, They can look in the Base Folder.

If any of you have submitted to the Bases Folder with something that is NOT a Base, It may be declined.

Please resubmit to the right folder.

More Journal Entries

Journal Writers

Recent Journal Entries

Our Most Favourite Artists

To get on here, You must have had your art favourited over 5 times and added to our Gallery by Members. :)

Do NOT contribute your own art to the Favourite Section, Please! Only post art here that are in your Favourites Gallery. NOT your own Gallery!
No contributors yet.

Gallery Folders

Take My Hand by BoredStupid100
Alvin Seville Profile Doll by FireFoxOmicron
Chipmunks and Chipettes Art
Happy Chipmunk family (1950's) by Bokeol
Milkshakes by Tinycon
55 by RomanDrommyLightyear
57 by RomanDrommyLightyear
OC Art
Alvin and the Chipmunk's OC - James's Uniform by ArenePines
Alvin and the Chipmunk's OC - Liana Lambert Flynn by ArenePines

Mature Content

The Notre Dame Stake Reprise by Chipmunkfan01
The Little Mermunk Reprise by Chipmunkfan01
Chipmunk OC Song Covers
Witch Doctor 2.0 vs. All that Jazz castro Cover by Chipmunkfan01
Tim and the Chipmunks - Upcoming Song Samples #2! by FireFoxOmicron
Alvin and the Chipmunks - Blue Full Song by FireFoxOmicron
Tim and the Chipmunks - Grenade Full Song by FireFoxOmicron
Bases, NOT ART
Album Template HD by FireFoxOmicron
Chipmunk OC Baby HD Base by FireFoxOmicron
Alvin Seville Base HD 8 by FireFoxOmicron
Alvin and Simon Base Example by FireFoxOmicron
Fan Fictions

Mature Content

Cross Over Images
Chipmunks - Really Old Character Models! So Small by FireFoxOmicron
Code: Chipmunk 2 by SketchyChangeling
AATC Remix cover by Chipmunkfan01
Take on me remix edit cover by Chipmunkfan01
Mature Art
I Support BoredStupid100 by FireFoxOmicron
Long Live The Chipmunks Cartoon by FireFoxOmicron
I Support TimRonaldJake by FireFoxOmicron
The Hotettez Stamp by RhythmOfTheNight
Photography and Snapshots
My Red ME 579 Electric Guitar And Yamaha Amplifier by FireFoxOmicron
Alvin and Brittany Animated Gif by FayetheBookWolf
TimRonaldJake free gift by Chipmunkfan01
Chipmunkfan19's free gift by Chipmunkfan01
Featured Position Requests
Gifts and Art Trades
The Demon Mortal Kombat Bio Kard by Chipmunkfan01
[ TUTORIAL ] Basic Sky In 3 Steps + 2 Bonus Steps by FireFoxOmicron


Chipmunk and Chipette Fan Art
OC Images
Photography and Snapshots


This collection does not have any deviations yet!

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:bulletgreen: Consult The Folder Details in the Window below to learn about which Folders to submit too.

This is a group for the fans of Alvin and the Chipmunks, Brittany and the Chipettes and for those with OCs based in the Chipmunk Universe! If they have any.

You may post art here as much as you wish.

DO! -

:bulletgreen: Post when you feel like it. It is best to have at least 1 - 3 submissions in the Gallery or more if you like. Contributing regularly will help this group!

:bulletgreen: Post art only about either Alvin and the Chipmunks, Brittany and the Chipettes and your OCs. They can be drawn as " Human " but it must be clear that they are supposed to be " Chipmunks " etc.

:bulletgreen: To clear up some Confusion, You ARE allowed to post OCs that are Chipmunks but not based off Alvin and the Chipmunks. Chip and Dale OCs are allowed but need to be reviewed first to avoid any confusion in the Fandom. Thanks to :iconlordboop: for helping me clear this up.

:bulletgreen: Comment on art you like. Be heard! Don't be afraid to criticize!

:bulletgreen: Ask before posting any Mature Content! It will be reviewed it first. Submitting anything before asking will result in the Offending Deviation being removed. Doing so again will result in a Block! It's to keep it safe for the younger members of this group.

No Pornography Or Incest is allowed and is strictly prohibited!

DON'T! -

:bulletred: Use Profanity! Insulting anyone with Extremely Profane Language will result in a Warning. Doing it again will result in a another and final Warning. Otherwise, You will be removed from the Group.

:bulletred: Post Mature Content in the Wrong Section.

:bulletred: Whine and Cause Drama. Acting Immature will make you look bad!

:bulletred: Post art that has nothing to do with the Chipmunks, Chipettes or OCs. DeviantIDs are ok.*

:bulletred: Fight over Canon Couples / Mixed Couples! We welcome fans of both. The only thing we do NOT promote is Incest / Pedophilia / Bestiality Art!


All OC Users are allowed to roleplay here. Just ask before either roleplaying/submitting Mature Stories/Art please!

Art such as Incest Art is not Tolerated and IS BANNED OUTRIGHT! This is the Chipmunk Community! Young Kids also like the Chipmunks! Have some Decency!
Founded 6 Years ago
Jun 1, 2011


Group Focus
Fan Club

173 Members
198 Watchers
41,885 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews


Here are some other Groups that are related to the same Fandom as us or also have the same Loyalty to their Respected Fandoms!

Some may not accept OCs.

Some may also contain Mature Art or Incest Images such as AlvinxSimon which is banned OUTRIGHT from this Group..

View with Caution.
:iconclub-chipmunk: Club-Chipmunk :iconmunk-ette-fan-club: munk-ette-fan-club :iconaatcmixedcouples: AATCMixedCouples Chipmunk slash? Yes please :iconchipmunkscomicsclub: ChipmunksComicsClub Your Place for AatC Fan Comics :iconthe-chipmunks-mfans: The-Chipmunks-MFans Munks Are Back :iconaatc-canon-couples: AATC-Canon-Couples Safe haven for pure AATC canon! :iconchipmunk-fans-only: Chipmunk-Fans-Only :iconaatc-society: AATC-Society :iconthedarkettesforever: TheDarkettesforever :iconstatsfanclub: StatsFanClub The Munks of the century



Founder - Do I need to explain this?

Co-Founders - People who I trust dearly. They will be demoted to Members if inactive for more than 1 month without prior notice. But they can have their Co-Founder Status returned when they ask me.

Contributors - People who contribute alot of art OR have an amazing Art Style which deserves recognition.



Folder Details / Member Stamps / Wall Of Shame!


We DO NOT tolerate Art Theft.

Stealing Art WILL result in an Instant Kick / Ban.

You have been warned.


:bulletred: Featured

You are NOT allowed to post in this Section.

This Folder is for Art which we think is of Great Style / Theme
and Overall Meaning.

You may post Art into the " Featured Positions Request "
Folder and we will vote on it.

:bulletgreen: Alvin and the Chipmunks HD Base Series

You are allowed to post in this Section.

HD Bases made by me and others. These are Bases that are
drawn in High Definition to allow Users to create
HD OC Images / Fan Art. You are welcome to use them but
please give Credit!

ONLY HD Sized Bases [ Height must be above 1280p OR
Width must be above 720p ].
Please do NOT post Images made with Bases in this Section.

:bulletgreen: Chipmunks and Chipettes Fan Art

You are allowed to post in this Section.

For Images with Alvin and the Chipmunks / Brittany and the
Chipettes and other Characters in the Chipmunk Universe.

Do NOT post OC Images here, Please.

:bulletgreen: OC Images

You are allowed to post in this Section.

Got an OC that is based on a Chipmunk or Chipette.

Send them here!

NO Other Types of OCs allowed without Permission.

No Actual Chipmunk [ Alvin Seville ] or Chipette [Brittany Miller ]
Images here!

:bulletgreen: Cross Over Images

You are allowed to post in this Section.

Got a Picture of the Chipmunks with your OC? Or your OC
with another OC / Character? Post them here!

:bulletyellow: Mature Art

You are allowed to post in this Section. ONLY when Appropriate.

Section containing Art which may NOT be suitable for
Younger Artists [ 13 - 15 Year Olds ]. Use Caution!

:bulletgreen: Fan Fictions

You are allowed to post in this Section.

More of a Writer than an Artist? Or just want to share your Story?

We welcome all kinds of Fan Fictions.

Mature Fan Fictions go into the Mature Section.

Please. NO Alvon.

:bulletgreen: Photography and Snapshots

You are allowed to post in this Section.

Images and Photos taken by our Members.
These include Screen Caps or actual Photographic Material.

NO Digital Art is allowed here.

:bulletgreen: Featured Position Request

You are allowed to post in this Section.

ONLY One Image from ANY Artist at ANY given time.

Have an Image you think we may like? Post it here!
We will vote and you could win the chance to have your
Image up on our Main Board for 1 week!

:bulletgreen: Stamps

You are allowed to post in this Section.

Stamps to do with the Chipmunks / Chipettes / OCs or
even Chipmunk and Chipette Fans themselves!

Like a Pairing?

Feel free to post it here!

Canon and Mixed Couple Stamps are allowed.


:bulletgreen: Journals / Mini-Blogs

You are allowed to post in this Section.

Holding a contest? Have some important information relating to the fandom such as reviewing movies?

Post them here!

OC Relationship Issues and Memes are NOT allowed.

:bulletgreen: Gifts / Art Trades

You are allowed to post in this Section.

Want to have your art specifically placed so a friend can see it easily? Having an Art Trade with someone?

Post them here!

Whether they contain the Chipmunks, Chipettes or your OCs, You can post them here. They MUST be Gifts for people though [ Or Art Trades ].



Newest Members

Our Visitors!

A Big Thank You For Visiting!

If you aren't a Member of the Group, Feel free to apply for a Membership!

Me and the Co-Founders will review it.

If you have any problems with me or any of the Co-Founders then talk to me about it.

I always forgive myself but I will speak to the relative Co-Founders to sort out any gaps and problems.

This Group is meant to keep everyone happy! :)

However If your blocked from the Group then best to just keep away since It means that most of the Group Community don't want you here.

And to you. Yeah, You. The one one with the Invisibility Cloak. Stop Hiding!
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